For the woman who knows she is here to make big impact, desires to live in her potential, limitlessness, & abundance AND show others what’s possible for them too!

You want it all. You get to have it all...and then some!

It's there. You feel it. You're ready for so much more.

Know this: true success & freedom that comes from honoring your desires & recognizing your power, while BEING an embodied leader; and making massive impact in this world by LIVING your true purpose & potential! 

And you becoming wealthy af while you do...Because the world needs more impact making wealthy women! You feel me?
  • Using your unique gifts to make real impact + get paid!
  • Working with the soul aligned clients & customers whose lives transform when they work with you!
  • Being an authentic leader, showing up confident & certain as who you really are, & being KNOWN for what you do!
  • Effortlessly generate all you desire - You ask for it. You get it! BOOM!
  • ​Up-levels, expansion & alignment, so you live a life that blows your mind!
  • ​Transforming at a cellular level. Releasing old identities that are not serving you, to step into the identity of the woman WHO gets what she desires.
  • ​Belief, trust, confidence, & certainty in yourself + what you do, so you show up for yourself - and others - powerful af. Being a woman whose energy is felt!
This is exactly what other women like you have achieved through my help!
I’m obsessed with helping my clients have their greatest desires.


✨Raising prices to what is aligned to them - and people paying!

✨Confidence & certainty in selling their offers + selling them out.

✨Owning & attracting WHO their ideal client/customer really is.

✨Showing up consistently & powerfully in their message, sharing their offers, products, etc.

✨Writing best selling books.

✨Being asked to be guests on podcasts and other speaking gigs.

✨Hiring support for their businesses, and at home.

✨Receiving BIG opportunities out of nowhere.

✨Receiving money out of nowhere.

✨Buying dream homes & properties.

✨Make big decisions & getting through challenges from an empowered state.

✨Letting go of businesses that are not serving them.

✨Letting go of relationships that are not serving them.

✨Feeling so much different after having a baby than previous times (and the whole family feeling it).

✨Recognizing how f’ing amazing they are and celebrating like the queens they are!

The best thing about helping my clients is allowing them to claim and own what they want and the unapologetically pursue it!

And it’s what I want for you too!
I’m Tatiana Amico and I guide & mentor impact making women to embody their potential for more - abundance + impact!

I guide women who know that are here for so much more, have so much inside of them - Big desires, dreams, potential...and desire to live in their potential, limitlessness, & abundance, live their vision, make BIG impact & show others what’s possible for them too!

You get to have it all!

I’ve been in a place of living from the “shoulds” and feeling the pain from that. I know what it feels like to uncover what you really desire + see & feel what is possible for you, going after it, making it happen, and creating a ripple effect of of others doing it to!

I also know the work (internal over anything else) it takes to get here, and that there are layers to this + uplevels and more uplevels.

I'm here for the woman who understand this & desires this. You are very different from most. Own it.

10 years ago, I began waking up with my health, and that has led to who I have become, and all I have done since.

My purpose became clear, and I began helping other women. Through the years there have been shifts & pivots, and I have never stopped showing up for MYSELF & my purpose.

In addition, I:
  • Built a multi 6 figure network marketing business in less than 2 years, and hit top ranks in a few months.
  • ​Hosted 2 successful retreats with 15 + women.
  • ​Became a best selling author.
  • ​Created two successful podcasts.
  • ​​Have been featured in Thought Catalogue, Lady Boss Blogger, named one of the Top Alignment Coaches by Yahoo Finance, and more!
  • ​Been interviewed on over 30 podcasts.
  • ​Built another multi 6 figure business helping women BE their authentic self & make the impact they are here to make, in less than 2 years.
  • ​Birthed 3 humans - without medication, in the way I WANTED.
  • ​Taken my family on the most amazing trips - ones I envisioned before I even had kids.
  • ​So. Much. More. 
And I continuously work on myself - body, mind, emotions, spirit (with mentors, masterminds, retreats).
We're breaking generational & societal limitations - money & wealth, health (physical, mental, emotional), being who we authentically are, and going after what we really want no matter what!

Are you here for it?

I firmly believe in:
  • Owning our power & knowing we can effortlessly create a life that blows our mind!
  • Following our dreams, living our purpose, having a business we love, making big impact and building wealth to make even more impact!
  • ​Living a life of freedom & true success. One where we DECIDE, we are in command, is fulfilling af, and feels like pure bliss!
  • ​Being surrounded by others going after their desires & consistently expanding + being mentored & supported into your next level and beyond!
You desire to make a f*ck ton of impact...and money being the AUTHENTIC you. 

You desire fulfillment, bliss, peace, flow, alignment - true FREEDOM!

You desire transformation & integration. 

You’re a magical af woman with a uniqueness inside of you. 

You know you have something epic that is a game changer for others. 

You know it's about BEing the woman who just has it all & it's effortless, and you realize the power of mastery & embodiment.

You KNOW you are capable. 

You are a leader and desire the guidance to step into more of you power to lead on an even greater level.

Because you are here to do big things - for yourself and for others. It's an undeniable feeling inside.

This is NOT about more information. This is 1 year of MASTERY & EMBODIMENT. This is for the woman who desires the kind of guidance & support that leads to REAL transformative results & success.

And you are here for it.

What You're Getting

  • OWN IT - THE MASTERMIND PRIVATE CONTENT SUITE: Lifetime Access to quick, powerful, transformative content, visualizations, activations, & meditations + my AUTHENTIC POWER PROCESS™ to help you develop your body & mind to be the limitless extraordinary leader who has all she desires effortlessly, makes big impact, exponentially grow in your life & business, attract aligned people, and be a powerful generator of your desires!
  • HIGH LEVEL CO-CREATION MENTORSHIP: 1 Year of bi-weekly individualized support in a group setting with Tatiana for rapid shifts & results in your life & business.
  • OWN IT - THE MASTERMIND PRIVATE COMMUNITY: 1 Year Support In Our Private Community of other amazing Leaders, where you can celebrate yourself & others, be inspired, and come in for guidance whenever you need.
  • [Bonus] The 6 Figure Business Bundle (Value $2500): You'll gain access to 3 of my BEST programs to: 1) create offers you are OBSESSED with and are a “Hell Yes” for your people 2) attract your people and get paid! Along with branding that you FEEL & that connects with your aligned clients & customers, and positions you as a LEADER & EXPERT in your space, and 3) launch your offers (services or products) with confidence and ease, and in a way that is aligned with you (so you actually enjoy selling)!
Have a question? Reach out HERE.
Have a question? Feel free to reach out HERE.
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